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Perfect Puppy Program

This program is designed to begin your journey with the newest member of your pack.

Happy Hound Mature Dogs

This program is intended to strengthen your bond with your dog and ensure pack leadership.

Good House Manners Program

This program is designed to help you teach your dog the rules of the house.

Refresher Course

This program is intended to "remind" your canine friend all the basic skills needed and to use on a daily basis.

Advanced Training

Off leash training and teach your dog hand signals and voice commands close to you and then advance to distance training off leash.

Mentally Challenging Your Dog

Would you like your dog to be mentally tired at the end of your day while you watch a movie, sunset or enjoy some quiet time with them?

Home Alone?...Separation Anxiety

Do you feel bad for leaving your dog every day? Is your dog barking when you leave the house?

Greeting Guests Politely

Do you have a dog who is barking, lunging, jumping and completely out of control when the doorbell rings?

Walk in the Park

Is your dog pulling you down the street? Are you enjoying your walks with your four legged friend?

Dependable Sit

Would you like to master the sit command? How many things can your dog not do if they are sitting?

Dependable Come

Is your dog ignoring you when you call their name? Are they embarrassing to take to the dog park?

Focus on Me

Would you like your dog to focus on you and pay attention to you instead of other dogs, people, skateboards, bikes, strollers or other distractions?

Pack Leader

This program is designed to regain pack leadership in your home! Do you feel that your dog is taking over your house?


Are you tired of cleaning up little messes around the house?


Is your dog chewing on your socks, underwear, shoes or other articles of clothing?

In order to confirm your booking please pay a deposit of $50.00

Common Doggie Challenges

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Jumping Up on People
  • Walking on Leash
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • House Training
  • Digging
  • Solid Come
  • Begging at the Table
  • Stealing Food from Coffee Tables
  • Crate Training
  • Accept Handing in Collar
  • Stand Stay, Wipe Paws
  • Accept Nail Clipping
  • Greeting Guests
  • Countertop Cruising

Marcia Scott of Happy Hound, Ottawa dog trainer, has an at home session with her client to teach the owners how to keep their dog calm when someone is at the door. The video shows the first step; the down stay. Then distractions are added, such as the doorbell.


Are you afraid that your dog is going to bite someone? Would you like to invite guests over and know that your visitors are safe around your dog?

Stop the Barking

Would you like your dog to stop barking for the sake of entertainment? It is fine if you want your dog to give you a warning bark to tell you someone is there then it is time to be quiet.

Puppy Aggression Behaviours

Is your puppy displaying early signs of aggression? Are you worried that their behaviour might escalate to be more serious? Is your puppy growling around their food bowl when someone approaches? Are you concerned about any children being near the puppy while they are eating? Are you able to freely take away their fun toys or a good bone from them? Are they getting possessive around their food bowl, bones or toys?

Boundary Freedom

Would you like your dog to be off leash around the outside of your home? Would you like to trust your dog to know their boundaries and also stay within your boundaries?

Scent Games/Hide & Seek

Would you like to scent train your dog to find a certain smell?

Tricks and More Tricks

Would you like to teach your dog a variety of tricks? Would you like to teach them to rollover on command?

Behaviour problems.. You are not alone

  • Are there behaviours you want to correct?
  • Would you like solutions for separation anxiety?
  • Have you adjusted your lifestyle to accommodate your dog?
  • Are you walking your dog at specific times to avoid bad behaviour?
  • Is your dog socialized?
  • Are you using excuses for their bad behaviour?
  • Do you want more training after puppy classes?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions – 613-253-5535 or info@happyhound.ca.