Advanced Training

Off leash training, hand and voice commands at a distance and then add in major distractions to get your dog to the master training level.
Advanced Training - Happy Hound

This program is designed for clients who would like to challenge their dog to the master level. Challenges include walking beside you off leash, off with distractions, stays at a distance, stays with distractions, off leash come at increasing distances and distractions.


For people who are willing to learn how to communicate better with their dog. For families, couples and singles who would like to build a special bond with their dog and be able to challenge your dog to the highest achievable level. All family members are welcome to join in the training.


To learn how to communicate with your dog so that they know exactly what you are telling them when you give them a command. In your home and around your neighbourhood, we would walk through the advanced training techniques to have a truly reliable companion using positive training methods. We want to have fun working with your dog and enjoy the training with them while everyone is learning.


In your home! We will train in your home where the behaviours occur. We can take walks in your own neighbourhood and if you prefer, we can visit any dog park or play area with your dog.


2 sessions that suits your schedule.


To bring your dog to the advanced level of training and truly be a trained confident dog

Behaviour Problems…
You are not alone

  • Are there behaviours you want to correct?
  • Would you like solutions for separation anxiety?
  • Have you adjusted your lifestyle to accommodate your dog?
  • Are you walking your dog at specific times to avoid bad behaviour?
  • Is your dog socialized?
  • Are you using excuses for their bad behaviour?
  • Do you want more training after puppy classes?

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