Available Puppies

Yes we have puppies!
We breed miniature, medium and large Goldendoodles with temperament, health, then cuteness as our main priorities.
Available Puppies - Happy Hound

Doodles love people and are very friendly towards children, pets and other animals. They are social dogs and happiest when they are with people. We always look for the best temperament when choosing our parent dogs. We train puppies by hand selecting our dogs from birth based on temperament; then breed these dogs and train to create the perfect puppies.

They will start in our Puppy Jump Start Training Program and if they meet our high standards of temperament they will then be placed into our breeding program. This ensures that we get the best temperament possible for all of our puppies.

Puppy Timelines

After we receive all the puppy reservations and deposits, we will narrow down a 3-month window as to when an 8-week old puppy might be available for you. There are a lot of variables that happen to determine timelines for a puppy. What time we receive your e-transfer deposit when the waiting lists reopen, how many puppies are born in litters, if there are clients that need to cancel or delay a puppy… which is rare, when Mom’s actually go into heat versus our estimates, etc.

We can only provide an estimation of the timeline for a puppy. This is subject to change depending on Mother Nature. The average wait time on the list is about 6-8 months.

How does the Reservation List work?


It is “first come, first serve” reservations for a puppy, on the next available litter. Your position on the waiting list is based on the date we receive your e-transfer deposit. You will be required to provide an initial $500 non-refundable 1st deposit in order to secure a puppy reservation.


Once you have paid your initial deposit and we have reviewed your application, you are then added to our Waiting List.


We are unable to respond to requests for updates on timelines for puppies including pregnancies or due dates. We will contact you if there are any changes to your puppy reservation, or if we have a puppy available for you earlier. We expect to provide you with approximately 6-7 weeks notice when a puppy is available for you.

Dog Allergies?

If you have dog allergies in the family, we ask that you please interact with some goldendoodles, indoors and see how you react. Although goldendoodles are considered hypo-allergic not everyone with dog allergies can tolerate them. We suggest you spend a good hour or two closely with a goldendoodle(s). Please pet the adult dogs and rub your hands on your face. This is extremely important as we take dog allergies very seriously.

First Step to Reserve Your Puppy

The first step to having your name on our Waiting List is to go to our Puppy Reservations page. Here you will choose the size of puppy, then your puppy training program. Next you will complete your puppy preferences, answer some questions including background on your lifestyle, and your information.

For detailed information about our Puppy Jump Start Training Packages please click here.

We look forward to finding the perfect puppy for you and your family!

Puppy Reservations