Available Puppies

Yes we have puppies!
We breed miniature, medium and large Goldendoodles with temperament, health, then cuteness as our main priorities.
Available Puppies - Happy Hound

Doodles are friendly towards children; other dogs and pets, and loves people. They are social dogs and happiest when they are with people. We always look for the best temperament when choosing our parent dogs. We train puppies by hand selecting our dogs from birth based on temperament; then breed these dogs and train to create the perfect puppies.

They will start in our Puppy Jump Start Training Program and if they meet our high standards of temperament they will then be placed into our breeding program. This ensures that we get the best temperament possible for all of our puppies. We strive to make the best match possible with puppies and their families, please take a moment to fill out our Puppy Form so we can make your match for the perfect puppy for you to enjoy for years to come.

    Preferred Timeline on Your New Puppy?

    0 – 2 months2 – 4 monthsNext SpringNext FallDoesn’t matter


    MaleFemaleDoesn’t matter

    Coat Type

    CurlyWavyDoesn’t matter

    Do you have children?


    How many hours a day will you spend with the puppy?

    Which size Doodle?

    Small Doodle ( under 30lbs)Medium Doodle ( 30-50 lbs)Large Doodle( above 50 lbs)Doesn’t matter


    BlackCreamTanRedDoesn’t matter

    Does anyone in your house have allergies?


    Do you have a fenced yard?


    Would this be your first dog?


    Would you like a

    Semi-Trained Goldendoodle Puppy (at 8 weeks of age)Semi-Trained Plus Goldendoodle Puppy (at 9 weeks of age)Trained Goldendoodle Puppy (at 10 weeks of age)Trained Plus Goldendoodle Puppy (at 11 weeks of age)Fully Trained Goldendoodle Puppy (at 12 weeks of age)Extra Training beyond is approximately $600/week

    Please refer to our Puppy Jump Start Training Packages for more detailed information

    Please tell us a bit about yourself and your lifestyle. This helps us get to know you and to be able to help you choose the right puppy that fits into your everyday lifestyle.

    Some examples would be…

    What personality traits are you looking for in a puppy? If no children living at home, does children visit your home often? Are you still working, or are you retired? Do you lead a very active life and on the road a lot, or a more stay at home family. Do you travel? Would you be taking the puppy with you? Do you have any other pets in the house? Anything else you would love to share with us, would be great. Don’t worry if it looks like a book, the more information we have, then the better we can match you to the perfect puppy.

    Thank you!

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