Our Dogs

At Happy Hound, our first priority is to train, guide and create the best dog possible. After years of training using the positive reinforcement method, we have selected the best temperament dogs for our breeding program. Having implemented both our breeding selection with the best temperament, along with our training program, we strive to create the best puppy and adult dogs.
Our Dogs - Happy Hound Goldendoodle Breeder

Our commitment to our program does not end at the sale of our puppies.
We created other services with the same philosophy as our breeding program. The Happy Hound team continues to have a commitment with our clients well after they have received one of our wonderful puppies.


Affectionate, Gentle, Snuggle Bug, Happy, Handsome, Therapy dog

Angus is a complete Lovebug. He also enjoys the various Community Centre health care programs where there are people with wheelchairs, walkers, canes and he totally enjoys the experience to give love to all. Angus is a true therapy dog and enjoys snuggles with everyone.


Loves attention, Kind, Cuddly

Maggie is a very gentle dog and loves the attention from people. She completely enjoys attention and especially a little scratch under her chin. Maggie also really enjoys jumping into the pond and going for a swim.


Loyal, Obedient, Faithful, Snuggly

She is very lovable and you will always find her close by your side waiting for the next opportunity to have snuggle. Miley is a truly sweet Mom and knows naturally exactly what to do with her puppies.


With a sharp ear, Sophie doesn’t miss a thing. You won’t find a more alert dog and, as we’ve learnt, nothing gets past her. Bold and confident, she is eager to explore on long walks but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a sucker for attention. She loves tummy rubs and is often sat patiently at your side waiting for some cuddles.


As sweet and auburn brown as maple syrup, Tessa has the ability to melt hearts. She’s firmly loyal and when trust has been established, you will not find a more dedicated friend. Her desire to show affection will leave you with the funniest shadow and lots of licks. Her perfect temperament allows you to completely relax around each other and don’t be surprised if someone’s fallen asleep on you!


Calm and laid back, Ruby is a wonderfully chilled dog. Her easy-going nature means she’s happy to stay out of the bustle and conserve her energy for humans. With the attention on her, she’ll easily convince you to fuss over her by exerting minimum effort. This thinker of the group will be so well-behaved, she’ll have you eating out of her paws. 


This sister of Ruby fell further from the tree. Full of a desire to play, she’ll be the first dropping a ball at your feet or bounding out the door into the fields. She’s always burning through energy as her athleticism enables her to lead the pack into the distance. Tall and graceful, you’ll often find her head resting on your knee looking for some affection. Given her that, and her kind and caring character will leave you with a friend for life. 


Independent and intelligent, Julie is as smart as she is playful. She is constantly moving; keeping us all entertained with her quick wits and endearing us with her playfulness. Her enthusiasm with the puppies engages and delights, ensuring those canine smarts are inherited by all the Happy Hound family.