Puppy Training

The Happy Hound Puppy training programs are designed to provide clients with a head start with their new puppy. Your puppy will be completely socialized, house trained, chew toy trained and of course know all of their commands.
Puppy Training - Happy Hound

Socializing a puppy is important and key between 8-16 weeks of age. It is the best time to socialize them to anything and everything that they will encounter in their entire lifetime.

House Training

Are you tired of cleaning up little messes around the house?

Dependable Sit

Would you like to master the sit command? How many things can your dog not do if they are sitting?

Puppy Program

This program is designed to begin your journey with the newest member of your pack.

Dependable Come

Is your dog ignoring you when you call their name? Are they embarrassing to take to the dog park?

Focus on Me

Would you like your dog to focus on you and pay attention to you instead of other dogs, people, skateboards, bikes, strollers or other distractions?

Full Puppy Training Packages:

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  1. In-Your-Home, one on one training
  2. 3 Session Training Program
  3. Full Puppy Training Program

Puppy Jump Start Kit

8 Secrets to Socializing Your new Puppy.