We are proud to share with you some of the wonderful experiences our clients have had with our services. From providing quality training to breeding happy and healthy puppies, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience with their furry companions. Read on to hear from some of our satisfied clients and their beloved puppies.

Hard to believe Marlot turns 6 years old this year! I needed you to know that he has been one of the best gifts I have ever received in my lifetime. I choose to believe that he is truly the MOST loved dog in the world and everyone who knows me, knows Marlot is my 3rd child 😊

When I originally reached out to you looking for a dog, I asked for temperament first: I wanted a calm, confident and well behaved dog. I never imagined that you would deliver on that request and actually exceed it! People in the neighbourhood remark at how wonderful he is – many are surprised we even have a dog because he never barks.

I cannot imagine life without him – I know that day will come too soon and I try not to think about it. I have never felt such a bond with a dog and I have had many, many dogs in my lifetime. I wanted to thank you for picking him for us and picking us for him. Truth is, we are the lucky ones to have been chosen as his fur-family and we are forever grateful.”

β€” Sandra Martin & Family – July 2021

I invested in Marcia Scott’s training, techniques and positive methods years ago which had very successful results. I recently called Marcia to help transition my new dog to a completely new environment. Marcia solved various issues we were having and we solved these challenges in one training session!

Thank you Marcia and if we ever need help with our dog, we will definitely call you.

β€” Andree Tremblay, Kanata, Ontario

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  • Avatar Melissa Cates β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 8 months ago
    We love our Happy Hound pup! Very glad we ended up going with Happy Hound - worth the wait. When it was our time to pick our puppy, we had three to choose from and our pup, Comet, walked right over to us and plopped himself into my lap. … More He’s been like that ever since - the most cuddly dog we’ve ever had, and we love him so much. If we ever decide to get another dog, will gladly go with Happy Hound again!
  • Avatar Nora Clement β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 5 months ago
    We brought Rosie home in July & she is now 6 months old. What an affectionate & responsive puppy she is! She has completely stolen our hearts & that is in large part due to the excellent care & training she received at Happy … More Hound before her adoption. Marcia, Kristen Sue & Brianne were all amazing. Thank you all for the remarkable job you are doing!
    Peter & Nora Clement, Montreal
  • Avatar Holly Segger β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 8 months ago
    We are so happy we our little puppy from Happy Hound. Such a lovely temperament. It took no time at all to fall Madly in love with him. Could not be happier with our experience with the great staff and all their knowledge and help. … More Two thumbs up!
  • Avatar Kayla Licari β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 2 weeks ago
    Happy Hound is incredible in so many ways. My husband and I went to their open house late 2022 in hopes of finding our third furry family member, and we were amazed by their professionalism, the love for their animals and the overall incredible … More experience that we had. Our sweet Willow is now 4.5 months old and has been a true gem in our home. Her calm temperament is unmatched, our training has been breezy and that's due mostly to Happy Hound's approach with their pups.
    Willow arrived in our home from the 8 week program and we followed all of the tips and tricks provided by Happy Hound at our 2 hour training session once she got home.
    Willow's potty training was breezy, she was using a bell in no time to alert us that she wanted to go outside. Even more impressive is that by following the tips provided by Happy Hound, I'm happy to report that not one item in our home (including shoes!) has been affected by her teething. She is truly one of a kind when it's come to training.
    She was leash shy at first, but once she got going she became a big walker! She loves to walk and has been gentle with all of those that she's come in contact with, including several sizes of dogs, seniors and children. What a superstar!!
    We love Willow and she's been the best addition to our family. Thank you Happy Hound!

Thanks so much Marcia for teaching me to control Cedar’s barking…and only after two sessions! We both are much happier now. Your patience and practical solutions were a welcome relief not only to me but to my neighbours… Cedar wanted me to tell you that she misses you and your visits!

β€” Vicky and Cedar Business owner, Ottawa, Ontario

Isabelle, Kayla and I want to thank you for our training session – we are absolutely thrilled with the results! Your enthusiasm was contagious and your knowledge and experience are a godsend. All three of us are now walking around much happier and calmer AND we understand each other better!! We continue to practice the exercises you provided us with as we saw the results immediately.

A heartfelt thank you and if you need me to tell anyone how fantastic you are just give them my number! Best regards from all of us.

β€” Wendy Denley Business owner, Ottawa, Ontario

Miraculously, at the very first moment Marcia began to work with Marley we saw immediate results. She showed us how easy it was to get positive results with positive reinforcement. The first visit, she had him even rolling over, crawling and ringing the bells on the door to go outside! Amazing!! Marcia had us all standing there with our mouths open within the first 15 minutes! We had 3 sessions with Marcia, and she covered everything in her brochure and definitely more, showing us quickly how eager our puppy was to learn when we used positive reinforcement. I could have watched her work with Marley all day! This gal knows her stuff!

It truly is the best money we ever spent on our family pet. Not only did Marcia help us feel content having an obedient dog as our new family member, but when people visited, they could trust Marley because they could see immediately that he was obedient to the subtle commands we gave him.

Thank you Marcia for helping Marley truly be the wonderful, happy and obedient pet and for giving us tools to communicate with him.

β€” Suzanne, Al and Sean Lewis: and Marley sends his love too! Richmond, Ontario

I so want to thank you again for your help with Maya. She is a changed dog. It is amazing. Thanks again,

β€” Maya, Sonia, Joshua, Jana and Jacob Nielsen Kanata, Ontario

The thing that immediately impressed me was Marcia’s wonderfully gentle, patient, and positive manner. She quickly established a good rapport with our dog who was quite happy to respond to her. Marcia took the time to talk to us about the issues we were having with our dog, an adult rescue from a puppy mill. Her insight into the behaviour of dogs, her enthusiasm, and her concrete and practical suggestions provided us with a hopeful path to rehabilitating our rescue. We saw very quick results. Marcia definitely has the gift. It’s clear that she deeply cares about dogs and their owners, helping both to achieve their best. We now have a calm, well trained, well behaved dog, and much of this we owe to Marcia.

β€” Kevin McGuire with Sarah Ottawa, Ontario

Purchasing our new pup, Finn from Happy Hound was the best decision!
Both Sue and Marcia are efficient and easy to work with. The Happy Hound facility is beautiful, clean and filled with love! Finn is a great addition to our family. He is so friendly, playful, cute and has a mellow temperament which is exactly what we wanted!!

The training packages that Marcia offers are so worth the investment!! Finn came to us as a 12 week old puppy that already knew how to sit, ring a bell to go outside and lay down! We stayed consistent with the training and he caught on so fast!
If you are thinking about getting a golden doodle look no further then Happy Hound!!!

β€” Sara Aylmer, Ontario