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What are the mentally challenging toys to use which will keep your dog busy? How do you solve chewing problems, separation anxiety, digging, or barking challenges? Happy Hound recommends the following toys, chew toys and doggie accessories.
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High quality products with lower prices. Hand chosen by a professional trainer/breeder who uses these products daily.

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Monster Mouth - Happy Hound Toys & Treats

Monster Mouth

This is a great beginner’s toy to mentally challenge your puppy. The toy is also excellent for a variety of treats such as diced carrots, apples or the Crumps’ Chicken pieces.

From $14.85

Treat Balls - Happy Hound Toys & Treats

Tricky Treat Balls

The Tricky Treat ball is a wonderful toy for all dogs. You take their regular kibble which you would feed them for breakfast/dinner and place it in their Tricky Treat ball. You can add a few extra treats in the ball if you would like to make it even more motivating to get their dinner. Then place it on the floor.

From $8.25

Kong Wubba - Happy Hound Shop Toys & Treats

Kong Wubba Puppy

These are great starter toys for your new puppy. The Kong Wubba toy squeaks in the middle and are great for training your puppy to fetch.

Price $10.25

Chuckle - Happy Hound Shop Toys & Treats


The Chuckle randomly dispenses treats and kibble with rolling, shaking, picking up then dropping. The toy also has a motivating sound to keep your dog occupied once they have emptied the Chuckle. This is a more advanced toy for the doggies who enjoy a challenge. Also, if the challenge is too great for them, you can easily make the treats dispense faster!

Price $14.85

Wobbler - Happy Hound Toys & Treats

Kong Wobbler

The Busy Buddy Waggle is a fabulous mentally challenging toy for any dog who has figured out any of the Happy Hound recommended toys. This toy should be introduced at a more advanced level.

From $19.85

Waggle - Happy Hound Toys & Treats

Busy Buddy Waggle

The Busy Buddy Waggle is a fabulous mentally challenging toy for any dog who has figured out any of the Happy Hound recommended toys. This toy should be introduced at a more advanced level.

From $14.85

Snake Toy - Happy Hound Shop Toys & Treats

Snake Toy

The Snake toy is very durable for hours of controlled Tug of War games. This toy is also great for multiple dog households who like to play tug with each other!

Price $24.85

Tug Jug - Happy Hound Shop Toys & Treats

Tug a Jug

The Tug a Jug is a more complex toy for those doggies who enjoy a challenge and have mastered the easier dispensing toys. Their kibble is released when they tip the jug or when they pull on the braided rope to free some food. A great challenging toy!

Price $15.85

Bullwrinkes - Happy Hound Shop


Bullwrinkles are high quality pizzles, made in Canada from Federally inspected and licensed suppliers. They are dried naturally so your dog will enjoy a long lasting and one of the most pleasurable chewing treats ever. Bullwrinkles are high protein, low fat treats. Dog’s cannot resist!

From $2.85

Elk Antlers - Happy Hound shop

Elk Antlers

Canadian Elk Antlers! Long-lasting healthy dog chew.Variety of shapes and sizes to suit every dog because every dog needs to try an Antler.

Elk antlers are 100% Canadian, naturally shed Elk Antlers. The ultimate in healthy and long-lasting treats! If your dog has not tried them yet, don’t hesitate.

Price $11.85

Happy Hound Pouch - Toys & Treats

Happy Hound Training Pouch

A perfect sized training pouch for dog kibble, training treats and/or poop bags. Hook to your belt loop, jacket, or dog leash for convenience. Measured 4″x2.75″ with zipper closure and clip.

Price $4.95

Happy Hound Puppy Kit

Happy Hound Puppy Kit

Our Happy Hound Puppy Kit will get you started with your new little one. This kit was specially designed by an expert in the field of puppy and dog training. It’s one stop shopping for your convenience. All the products included in this kit have been discounted. Here at Happy Hound we like to see our new puppy owners fully equipped to make the transition of welcoming their puppy into its new home.

Price $365