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Below you will find Training Videos on common challenges Marcia has come across during her one and one work with clients. Also see our Toys & Treats section for items recommended in our videos!

Training Videos

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Puppy Basics 100%FREE

These videos will show you the best ways to train basic commands with your puppy. Using the positive and fun training techniques found in these videos, you will be helping your puppy understand the actions and words that you are communicating. Your puppy will happily follow through with your requests. A well-behaved puppy is a joy to have in your home. Own the Puppy Basics video today!

Teach Your Dog To Sit 100%FREE

Get your dog to “sit” every time! Using positive training techniques this video will show you everything you need to know about teaching your dog to sit. Learn what works and what common training mistakes to avoid. Use the “sit” as a way for your dog to say please (i.e. waiting for a treat, coming in/out of a door, or waiting for meals etc.) Sit is also a great way for your dog to greet people. A reliable sit command equals a good canine family member!

Teach Your Dog To Down 100%FREE

Using positive, fun and proven training techniques, this video will help you achieve a reliable “down” command with your dog. You will be amazed at these simple but highly effective techniques. Yes! It can be this easy! See what techniques work, and why this command can be so useful. This video offers straight-forward and highly effective solutions in teaching your dog to “down”.

How to teach your dog the Off command 100%FREE

The “Off” command teaches your dog not to touch something with paws or jaws! The word “Off” is also used to communicate to your dog that they need to leave-alone something or someone. The “Off” command is used to ensure good dog manners in many situations. Use this video to learn successful training techniques that work!

How to groom your puppy 100%FREE

This video offers great tips on how to introduce a positive grooming experience with your puppy. Find out how to help make grooming-time a looked for event in your home. Your puppy will love being groomed. And you’ll love how relaxing the experience can be as well!

How to cut your dog’s nails 100%FREE

Find it a challenge to cut your dog’s nails? This video offers straight-forward and highly effective solutions for nail clipping. Learn some easy techniques that will make nail cutting a positive experience for your dog. This is a great video for dog owners looking for strategies on how to make the nail clipping experience better for everyone!